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Certificate of Company/Personal Signature

Upon request of the client the Consular Office can certify signatures in a public or private document, (i.e. Company/signature of the client in Curriculum-Vitae or in a written declaration about a commercial deal). The purpose of a Company/personal signature certification is to authenticate that the signature has been put in the attendance of an authorized Consular official, but it doesn’t judge the content of the document. Some restrictions apply.


It is not necessary an appointment. The applicant must come to this Consulte personally only on Fridays, from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm with his valid passport or identification card, the original document/s to be signed in front of us and accompanied by this form, already completed and signed.

Enclose a Certified Cheque or Money Order payable to the: "Consulate General of Argentina". Check the consular fees here. Include a prepaid envelope or courier slip, with the waybill duly completed, to return the documents to you, unless it is picked up personally at our office.


a) The documents will be processed and returned in 5 working days. Rush process are issued within 48 hs. at an additional fee per each document. Check the consular fees here

b) If the applicant has not accompanied a prepaid envelope or courier slip, he/she will have either to send a prepaid envelope/courier slip to us or come personally to our Office to pick up the document/s.

Note: this General Consulate does not take responsibility for delays or losses in the mail or courier

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