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Police record fingerprinted from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina

We strongly advise to find out at the correspondent Authority whether you need this form with fingerprints, because this must be dealt with in Buenos Aires and the applicant must authorize somebody else in Argentina to submitt it on his/her behalf. The correspontent authority (and its address) in Argentina is: "Registro Nacional de Reincidencias", calle (street) Tucumán nº 1353 (street), Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, tel number: (54-11) 4373-8081. For more information visit the following website of the Ministry of Justice.

This certificate is issued at the applicant's written request and it is also needed when a police certificate issued by the Federal Police in Argentina is unable to identify a record of a citizen who has lived in Argentina for at least one year (see this site).

We suggest to those applying for a permenent residence in Canada to visit the following link of "Citizenship and Inmigration Canada". In that link it says that "you must specifically mention that the certificate is requested "con excepcion al articulo 51 del Codigo Penal". Those who wish to include that request can mention it in the form mentioned below in point 3. after "Para ser presentado ante.......".


1. An appointment must be applyied in advance at the following site 

2. Argentine citizens: Valid Pasaport, DNI or Cedula de Identidad.
Foreigners: Valid Passport.

3.The applicant must have a person (name, surname, type and number of document) in Argentina who is going to act on his/her behalf. That person will need:

a) “Autorization” or,

b) Power of Attorney or,

c) Legal Representative.

This Consulate will assist you the date of the appointment by printing your fingerprints on the form and we will certify and give it back to you the documents, so you can send it to the person in Buenos Aires who will assist you at the Ministry of Justice. Our assistance in this procees finish the date of the appointment at this Consulate General.


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